Katie earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Sciences from Washington State University where she majored in Wildlife Ecology.  She has teamed up with BeaversNW to gather information on device installations and subsequent monitoring and landowner satisfaction.  She has field experience studying endangered amphibians in Australia, grazing impacts on pygmy rabbits in Montana, and greater sage-grouse recovery in northern California.  Katie will be starting a Masters in Forestry in the Department for Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon State University in September 2015, where she will examine collaboration between agencies and landowners and explore the role of environmental outreach in human-wildlife conflict.  Katie loves sagebrush ecosystems, mammals, talking about food, and running around with her German shorthaired pointer, Stella.

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Katie's Research in the Emily Jane Davis Lab

Chris Tran, Wildlife Biologist, rockstar

Chris graduated from the University of Washington with dual degrees in Business Entrepreneurship and Environmental Science. He has been instrumental in leading a project to track landscape changes caused by beavers at release sites in the Sky Beaver Project. Check out his latest research poster here. He's passionate about using social entrepreneurship to stimulate intrigue and action for sustainable practices in every day life. Originally from California, he's converted to the Pacific Northwest sporting a bike, full beard, and the occasional plaid shirt. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, yoga, and national geographic documentaries.

Beavers Northwest would not be who we are today without the endless commitment, passion, and dedication of the past interns and volunteers! 

Chris Tran is a research assistant for the Sky Beaver Project. He has gained a profound appreciation for beavers and seeks to continue learning about beaver ecology. He holds a BS degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in wildlife conservation from the University of Washington. No stream is too cold to sample for Chris Tran

Desirae Belcher, Research Associate

Zoe Hayes, Wildlife Biologist, 2015 CREOi Conservation Fellow

Zoe Hayes is a wetland ecology and wildlife biologist for the Sky Beaver Project. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Western Washington University and studied wildlife management in Tanzania through Boston University. She has a strong interest in community ecology and researching how wildlife management techniques can reduce human wildlife conflict and preserve the integrity of ecosystems. Zoe’s passion for wildlife and nature stems from a childhood spent riding horses and exploring the woods and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. When she is not measuring stream hydrology, she likes to travel, hike with her dog, snowboard, or otherwise enjoy the outdoors.

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Contact: acechristran@gmail.com

Desirae Belcher is a research associate for the Sky Beaver Project. She is currently obtaining a B.S. from the University of Washington in Environmental Science and Resources Management with a concentration in wildlife conservation, as well as a minor in Quantitative Science. She looks forward to graduating in the spring of 2016. Her unwavering compassion for animals coupled with her insatiable penchant for learning created her desire to understand specific species interactions with their environment and to communicate, inspire, and excite the public to become more engaged in conserving, rehabilitating, or otherwise protecting these species. In her free time you will find her reading, writing, and often outside exploring nature.

Contact: desirae.belcher@gmail.com

Chris DiTomaso, Undergraduate Researcher, Social Entrepreneur

Katie Wollstein, Research Associate

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