Other Resources

Links to other great pages

The following sites provide great information about beaver life history and how to deal with them.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Living with Beavers website


This is a great website with tons of information on dealing with beaver conflict.

The Lands Council


The Lands Council, in Spokane WA. was among the first in Washington to find sustainable solutions for dealing with beavers. This site provides a background on beaver ecology and has some cool multimedia, too.

Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife


Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife is an educational nonprofit which provides information about beavers and how to reduce conflict in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner. This is a great resource to learn about the important role that beavers play within their ecosystems and get helpful suggestions about how to coexist with beavers.

Beaver Restoration Guidebook


​​A collaborative guide to working with beavers to restore streams, wetlands, and floodplains, prepared by members of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, Portland State University, and the US Forest Service.