We provide low cost non-lethal services that reduce  property  flooding without trapping or killing beavers.

In 1948, Idaho Fish and Game decided to parachute beavers into remote forested locations to kickstart beaver populations and the environmental benefits associated with beavers.

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Airborne Beavers

Alternative Restoration Approaches: Beavers from Above!


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Pond levelers & culvert fencing

How can I stop beavers from damaging my trees, flooding my property, or plugging my culvert without killing them?

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Helping landowners 

improving watersheds

Beaver Conservation & education 

To advocate for the many benefits beavers provide through research, outreach, and landowner assistance.



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Want to observe some of our local urban beavers? Take a look at this map and find the nearest beaver location to you. Take a tour of these amazing critters living right in our backyards!

We specialize in providing technical advice to property owners who are experiencing beaver conflicts.

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